Employers Liability Insurance

The policy is issued to protect the employer or insured against legal liability action brought on by employees

Actions arise where employees have been injured and claims negligence even after compensation has been offered under the health insurance, personal accident or WIBA. A litigation policy and GA takes over the defense and picks up the court awards against the employer.

Compensation is based on

Limits of Liability:

  • Any One Person
  • Any One Claim
  • Any Series Of Events

The limits are picked from several options at the time the claim form is filled in.

Manufacturers are always exposed to their products not being suitable as claimed. Alternatively the product may be faulty and fall short of expectations raised. The consumer is at liberty to sue for recoveries of damage arising from the consumption of such products. The manufacturer may be required to recall the products already distributed or supplied to the market. All these costs are an unexpected and as such insurable for recovery under the policy.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professionals are expected to maintain and act within the expected standards of their professions. In the event where there are errors or omissions then the injured party may litigate for compensation.

This policy protects the professional or the firm providing the services for such unexpected outcomes.

Public Liability Insurance

Legal liabilities arise when negligence is established against a business following actions of employees or activities of the business. These will occur when third parties have been bodily injured or a third party’s property has been damaged. The aggrieved party proceeds and sues for compensation of the loss incurred.

This policy will not only take care of the award that may be granted as settlement but also the costs of the ensuing defense

Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) Insurance

The name avers the source of the requirement of this policy. The Act came into effect in December 2007 and has variously been challenged and amended.

Description of Liability Limit of Compensation

Liability Limit of Compensation
Death Multiple of Annual Salary
Permanent Total Disability Multiple of Annual Salary
Temporary Total Disability Based on actual weekly salary Up to a Maximum of 104 Weeks For Each
Medical Expenses Limit of Choice