Burglary Insurance

This policy also covers hold up. Damage to the building or contents in the event of an attempted break in which resulting in damage are insured. Stocks in trade, office equipment, other contents, trade samples, furniture and office improvements and plant and machinery are vulnerable to burglary. Exposure is based on the possible financial loss to the owner of goods or the person who has a financial interest to the property.

Assets suitably insured on this policy are valuables and items susceptible to damage. Articles of valuable nature and which are taken away from the office or residential premises are also suitable covered under this policy.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurancee

Losses occasioned by acts of fraudulent by own staff are insured under this policy. Losses include theft of stocks and equipment and frauds of cash or books thefts.

The losses may be perpetrated over a long period of time but taken up by the when discovered and reported to the insurance company. Acts of fraud is a specific exclusion under most other policies.

The policy is crucial as it allows the business to be indemnified following damage to the equipment and hence the business is viable.

Money Insurance

This is a necessary policy for businesses that have cash transactions.

The liabilities that we insure include cash in transit, cash in premises, cash in safe, cash with directors or the business directors. The policy will cover loss of money in varying scenarios including hold up, burglary and by use of force or threat thereat of the person with the money.

Plate Glass Insurance

Glass is common feature and is present in business or residential properties in many forms. Modern architecture makes use of glass as doors, windows or on large parts of the building. Glass has become a part and parcel of décor. Depending on the business various forms of glass are used as display.

The glass will be presented as plain sheets on the externals parts of buildings. Glass of various forms can be painted, colored and presented beautifully as a part of the interior décor.

Glass is brittle and susceptible to breakage. Accidental damage to glass is a continuous risk. Plate Glass Insurance comes in handy to compensate the owner in the event of accidental damage.

The insurance meets the costs of:

  • Removal
  • Meeting the costs of protection and
  • The cost of replacement