Company Profile

We are The First Insurance Broker in Qatar. We manage the business through an Executive Board who devolves day to day operations to an Operational Board. We have group of insurance professionals ready to be your guide to get insurance cover. alqarya is a dynamic and entrepreneurial organization committed to delivering a high quality service. We have dedicated teams involved in specialist areas and have been appointed to act as insurance brokers and financial advisers to several insurance companies.

Globally, insurance regulatory authorities recognize the value added service provided by Insurance brokers. Regulators and Insurers have agreed that in the event of a broker being used as a intermediary, the premium remains unchanged as opposed to directly dealing with an Insurance company.

Why do you need Insurance Broker?
• Are you looking for kind of insurance company such as "Islamic" or "Commercial" insurance Company
• Do you select exactly what you need
• Do you like to select between different insurance companie
• Do you like to compare between companies quotations?
•Do you get clear your rights with the insurance company?
• In case of claim what should you do and which procedures you must follow?
• Do you have a waist time to visit all insurance companies and study all the above?